Phase I Removal Action
Phase I Work Area
80/120 Lister Avenue, Newark, NJ
The Phase I Work Area is a 2-acre area of river adjacent to the Diamond Alkali Superfund Site. A steel sheet pile enclosure was constructed to surround the 40,000 cubic yards of material, isolating them from the rest of the Passaic River during sediment removal activities. The sheet pile enclosure is approximately 750 feet long by 110 to 135 feet wide. The enclosure is located outside the navigation channel to allow continued recreational and commercial use of river.
The pipeline carries slurried sediment from the Phase I Removal Area to the Upland Processing Facility.
Upland Processing Facility
117 Blanchard Street, Newark, NJ
The Upland Processing Facility is approximately 1,400 feet downstream (east) of the sheet pile Phase I Work Area. The facility includes equipment to remove water from sediments, treat that water, and load the dewatered sediments into lined and sealed containers.
Brills Yard
319 Avenue P, Newark, NJ
Containers of debris, sand, and filter cake (dewatered sediments) are placed in watertight Environmental Protection and Improvement Company, Inc. (EPIC) containers for transport to Brills Yard. Trucks follow the designated truck route shown in yellow. The lined, sealed, and covered EPIC containers are placed on railcars for transport to out-of-state treatment or disposal facilities.
Designated Truck Route
Newark, NJ
Trucks transport containers of debris, sand, and filter cake (dewatered sediments) along this designated truck route specifically selected to avoid residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, and other sensitive areas. The route terminates at the Brills Yard, passing underneath I-95.