Community Hotline

Contact us with your project-related questions or concerns through our Community Hotline and Investigation/Response Process (CHIRP) at 1-888-283-7626. With the completion of removal activities at the Phase I Work Area, the automated hotline for Spanish and Portuguese speakers has been shut down.

Note the project hotline numbers are not to be used for emergencies. In an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately so that appropriate police, fire, or rescue teams can respond.

In most cases, U.S. EPA will respond to your inquiry within two to three business days. Answers to your questions or other information will be conveyed back to you, and a summary will be included in the progress reports periodically posted to the project website and provided to the Passaic River Community Advisory Group. No personal information will be included in the summaries or other information distribution.

Read more about CHIRP and the Passaic River Community Advisory Group in the Community Health and Safety Plan (CHASP).